Volunteer Story 2017

Margarette Lim
WeatherPhilippines, Inc.

My volunteering stint began when I joined the Aboitiz Group in 2015. While I have always felt a desire to take part in volunteer work, it was only through this organization's initiatives that I have been given an opportunity to finally fulfill this wish. The first event I joined in was a tree planting and outreach activity in San Miguel, Bulacan where we interacted with the members of the community by helping them grow trees and sharing a simple lunch with them.

The best part about volunteering is the opportunity to know people from all walks of life and see how they are not merely on the receiving end of an outreach activity. I have met a few remarkable individuals - all of them children - who are already thinking of sharing their blessings with others. As soon as I handed their food and/or gifts, they automatically set them aside to give to their loved ones despite being hungry themselves. It's inspiring to personally witness how the spirit of giving moves from the giver to the recipient.

The Aboitiz Group, being an organization that is big on CSR, provides numerous opportunities for employee volunteerism. Annually, they host the conduct of Brigada Eskwela, Tree Planting Activity, and Christmas Outreach. Apart from these, various business units also initiate their own CSR programs. All these avenues available for volunteerism make me even more proud to be part of this organization.

The most challenging part of being a volunteer is finding time to squeeze it in the endless myriad of things to do. Most volunteer work occurs in the weekends, which is also the time to get some rest, to spend time with the family, and to work on the chores you didn't get to do because of a busy weekday schedule. However, the rarity of free time makes volunteer work even more fulfilling as it is part of the intangible and invaluable thing I am sharing with others.

The image of smiling children and the possibility of them paying the good deed forward fuel my passion for volunteering.