Globe fights climate change through Globe Goes Green campaign

Globe fights climate change through Globe Goes Green campaign

With the disastrous effects of global warming being experienced worldwide, industries are currently in a race to stop or at least lessen the effects of greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time, working to prevent further deforestation. 

Globe Telecom, being a responsible corporate citizen, has joined the fight against climate change through Globe Goes Green, a sustainability campaign to help integrate key environmental initiatives to the company’s business strategy. 

While a few projects started in 2003, Globe has moved beyond regulatory compliance and has created a culture of environmental activism in the entire value chain of the business. Globe has evolved its environmental sustainability program to include both internal and external initiatives such as solid waste management, used-lead battery disposal, reforestation, cell phone take back, and carbon emission reduction from energy use.

 Globe Bridging Communities, the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program together with its institutional partners continue to work hand-in-hand in crafting the design of environmental advocacy programs such as the Cordillera Challenge, Lifeboats and Lifelines, Earth Hour and Earth Day celebration, and Forest Building activities in Taguig, Benguet, Batangas, Cebu, Bohol, Davao and Laguna.  Through such volunteerism efforts, Globe employees and stakeholders are also given an opportunity to have a first hand experience in protecting the environment. 

Likewise, Globe implements annual impact assessments and reports in order to measure the effectiveness and relevance of its environmental programs. This is done through community consultations, employee surveys and Greenhouse Gas Accounting.  The latter established the company’s baseline for its carbon footprint and commitment to work progressively on reduction measures. With this information, Globe has moved forward to achieve its goal of operating with less – less fuel dependency for less emission. 

“It is high time to let the public know the efforts of Globe in preserving the environment through Globe Goes Green. Globe CSR Team decided to have different kinds of forest building activities that will be held in different provinces all over the Philippines in order to support and promote the importance of environmental preservation in the rural areas.  In some areas like Bulacan, we used the power of mobile telecommunications in reporting abuses of our environmental resources. By doing the advocacy programs of Globe Goes Green in environmentally critical areas in the countryside, it became an opportunity to expose the declining and finite status of the environment in the Philippines and provided us opportunities to respond in ways that are engaging and meaningful to volunteers and are sustainable because it brings together different stakeholders to do it,” said Jeffrey Tarayao, Globe CSR Head. 

For the project's timeline, there will be monthly execution of environmental advocacy programs specially forest building activities to ensure that targets are met and sustained. 

Moving forward, Globe is determined to ensure the continuous reduction of energy, water, and solid waste footprints in its operations, monitor climate impact and identify opportunities to reduce emissions, encourage and train employees and business partners to help reduce environmental impact, report its environmental performance to stakeholders, and communicate the company’s commitment to sustainable development.