EDC, WWF lead initiative to accelerate geothermal development in Asia


Energy Development Corporation (EDC) and World Wide Fund for Nature, Philippines (WWF-Philippines) joined forces to accelerate geothermal development in Asia, starting with the Philippines and Indonesia, via the landmark “Ring of Fire” project. The Ring of Fire initiative aims to replicate the Philippines’ global success in sustainable geothermal production for Indonesia’s largely untapped geothermal energy resources. 

To achieve this, the two partners will establish a Gold Standard Geothermal Showcase project at EDC’s 50-MW Mindanao 3 geothermal project in North Cotabato as benchmark for all geothermal projects. As the Philippines’ largest producer of geothermal energy and a consistent champion of environmental stewardship, all of EDC’s geothermal sites are models of sustainable geothermal development. 

WWF notes the high economic potential of geothermal to support the creation of a green and innovative energy sector. WWF President Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan explained “The activities of WWF within the Ring of Fire programme will focus on helping reform the energy sector in the direction of a more sustainable market, supportive of geothermal. We will work with EDC to create an enabling environment in Indonesia, taking off from our successful partnership to pass the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 in the Philippines. We will also work on the sustainability aspects, energy financing and economic issues, and on capacity building and awareness raising.” 

EDC President and COO Richard B. Tantoco said “EDC recognizes the importance of collaborative efforts to promote greater use of geothermal and other renewable energy resources for energy development. The Ring of Fire Initiative is consistent with our policy to support national efforts to achieve energy security and to contribute to the global effort to address climate change issues. Relative to this, we will actively participate in the Indonesian Geothermal Round Table Discussion to share our expertise and help address relevant policy, awareness, capacity and financing issues affecting the industry.” 

For WWF, a 50-year veteran of developing partnerships for the environment, working with EDC was the natural step to achieve its goals for the Ring of Fire Initiative. With a renewed direction towards developing low carbon solutions, as working models, the partnership between WWF and EDC presents a good roadmap that others will not only be able to emulate, but develop further to substantially address the climate problem.