Foundation for Sight, Inc. Aussie Benefactor Visits Manila

Peter Wyatt, together with his wife Maree, made a long-overdue visit to Manila on February 7. Peter is a major benefactor of the Foundation, having instituted in 2005 the Indigency Program in Pediatric Ophthalmology of FFSI in partnership with the Department of Ophthalmology’s Eye Center at The Medical City. 

The trip was in fulfillment of Peter’s interest in Philippine history and our heroes. 

He has been responsible in providing financial assistance for the surgeries of indigent pediatric patients under general anesthesia. 

For their first stop, the Wyatts visited the Eye Center and was welcomed by Dr. Victor L. Caparas, Chairman of the Department and the residents. The Wyatts were overwhelmed that the funds they have been transmitting had gone a long way to help the indigent children secure a bright future and better quality of life amidst their poverty. 

They found the visit to the Philippines very enjoyable and the people warm. They visited places like the Ayala Museum, Intramuros, Corregidor, Rizal’s shrine in Laguna, Pagsanjan’s Shooting the Rapids, Greenhills for shopping and finally a pleasureable weekend in Boracay before flying back home to Australia.