The Toyota Foundation Fiscal 2011 Grant Applications Announcement

Application period

Applications submitted via the Internet: Friday, April 1 to Friday May 13, 2011 (until 5:00 pm, JST)

Applications submitted via mail: Friday, April 1, to Thursday, May 12, 2011 (postmarked at the latest)

The Toyota Foundation is accepting applications for grant programs described below. Information on the programs and all necessary forms are available at the Toyota Foundation website ( during the application period. We look forward to your innovative project proposals.


Research Grant Program

The program provides support to research projects that seek to uncover new relations among people as well as connections between people and culture and people and nature, and those that bring about a spiritually richer society in which people sustain each other by forming such links.

Theme: Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future

Total grant amount: 150 million Yen

Grant Frameworks:

-          Category A (Joint Research): Up to 10 million yen per project (total of approx. 60 million yen)

  1. Practical research that contributes to addressing challenging facing society
  2. Value-creation research aimed at forging a new society

-          Category B (Individual research): Up to 2 million yen per project (total of approx. 30 million yen)

Project period: 1 or 2 years beginning on November 1, 2011


Asian Neighbours Program

Through this program we support practical solution-oriented project proposals that can build sustainable living communities and innovative social model for future generations in Asia.

Theme: Shared Actions to Build Our Future Asia

Grant areas: (1) Fostering mutual understanding and social actors

(2) Enhancing sustainable communities

(3) Forging social systems to address local issues

Total grant amount: 120 million Yen

Grant frameworks: (a) up to 2 million Yen

(b) 3 million to 8 million Yen

(c) 10 million to 15 million Yen for special grant

Project period: 2 years beginning on November 1, 2011


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