Globe supports Coalition for Better Education in its 10 years of empowering learning communities


Globe Telecom throws its support to the Cebu-based Coalition for Better Education (CBE), a multi-sectoral and membership-based non-stock, non-profit organization which is celebrating its 10 years of commitment to initiate and support education development all over the country. 

CBE, being an expert on research and development of ICT integration in teaching and curriculum development, was tapped by Globe to become its major partner in the Global Filipino Teacher (GFT) and Global Filipino Schools (GFS) programs. 

GFT is a teacher-enhancement training where CBE helps in developing capacities of teachers to conduct ICT-enabled learning activities in the classroom. Following its success, Globe and CBE together with the Department of Education, are now looking at further improving the capability of ICT-mature public high schools to become the community expert in ICT through GFS. 

Globe is a pioneer member of CBE and has so far donated 30 desktop computers, internet connection, and phone lines to CBE’s Center for Teacher Excellence training center.