10 Years of Sharing the Gift of Vision


By Chiqui Aljas 

The Share the Gift of Vision (STGOV) surgical mission is now on its 10th year of implementation. Every year, the Manila Doctors Hospital and Metrobank Foundation, Inc., through the Department of Ophthalmology and Corporate Social Responsibility Department, conduct the bi-annual Share the Gift of Vision surgical mission to provide quality cataract operations and health management to indigent patients. To date the mission saved 791 indigent cataract patients from blindness and poor eyesight complications. 

Last May 15, 2011 the Hospital conducted the 1st leg of the STGOV 2011 mission, the program benefited 29 indigent patients suffering from cataract. 

Cataract remains to be the leading cause of reversible blindness among Filipino adults. Its treatment is readily available and effective. But still many patients afflicted with this illness do not have access and the resources to the different kinds of treatments. Because of this, devoted individuals bonded with the same vision of reaching out to the poor established the first ever STGOV surgical mission in May of 2001, a feat that was replete of road blocks more than it was child’s play. But since then, not once has STGOV refrained from delivering the much needed treatments to the needy. This achievement reflects the long-standing commitment of MDH and MBFI to incorporate the interests and needs of the community in its operations. The success of STGOV through the years is also owed to the fact that MDH has forged strong and strategic partnerships with institutions that share the same passion of reaching out to the underprivileged. Many of the partners and supporters have been continuously helping even from the beginning. 

STGOV continues to endeavor to achieve its aspiration of serving the less fortunate members of the society and help them improve their way of life by bringing back their sense of sight. In November, the 2nd leg of STGOV 2011 will be conducted with a target of another 33 beneficiaries. Interested patients may contact the Outpatient Department Eye Room at 524-3011 local 3720 for inquiries. Also welcome are institutions interested in partnering with MDH by way of sponsorships or other ways that will be most beneficial to the patients. The Corporate Social Responsibility Department with contact number 524-3011 loc 3110 will be most happy to talk with future partners. 

STGOV is implemented under the Medical and Surgical Missions program, which is one of the five major Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of MDH.