UCPB-CIIF Foundation Takes In 170 New Scholars


With its current crop of scholars performing very well, the UCPB-CIIF Foundation took in 170 more for the school year 2011-2012.

One of the new scholars is Lloyd Guerrero, who is now taking secondary education in Camarines Norte State College. At 21 years old, he should have graduated from college. But he had to stop several times in high school so he can work to support himself. He no longer has parents and has been moving from one relative to another.  

The new grantees bring back the total number of UCPB-CIIF scholars to 476 consisting of 357 taking four-year collegiate courses in 33 state universities and colleges, and 119 enrolled in 12- to 18-month vocational-technical classes in six Don Bosco Training Centers in different parts of the country. 

Last school year, 44 UCPB-CIIF scholars graduated from college with 10 garnering cum laude honors. Another nine completed vocational-technical training from the Don Bosco Training Center in Cebu. 

Since its launch in 2004, the UCPB-CIIF Scholarship Program has produced 707 graduates, 337 of them with college degrees and 370 with vocational-technical certificates. Three of the college graduates garnered magna cum laude honors while 45 others received cum laude honors. 

“This is quite a feat,” UCPB-CIIF Foundation president Edgardo Amistad said. “It clearly shows that given the opportunity and the proper guidance and motivation, indigent youths can and do excel in school.” 

Amistad said the foundation closely monitors the performance of its scholars. In addition to regular visitation, the foundation has organized its scholars into clubs so there is a ready support structure that can come to their aid. The scholars clubs conduct  group studies, coaching, tutoring, and social activities to promote bonding and rapport. 

To further motivate its scholars to perform well, the foundation has initiated measures to enhance their chances of landing jobs upon graduation. 

It holds resume-writing sessions for graduating scholars and, in partnership with UCPB branches, runs them through mock job interviews. It is also tapping UCPB’s and the CIIF companies’ network of trade partners for job leads. 

The UCPB-CIIF Scholarship Program is funded by UCPB and its subsidiaries and affiliate companies, namely UCPB Savings, UCPB-CIIF Finance and Development Corp., United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corp., UCPB General Insurance Co., United Coconut Chemicals, Inc. and the CIIF Oil Mills Group, which consists of Legaspi Oil Co., San Pablo Manufacturing Corp., Cagayan de Oro Oil Co., Southern Luzon Oil Mills, and Granexport Manufacturing Corp.