Globe explores social entrepreneurship partnership with Gawad Kalinga

To further its social and environmental goals, leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom plans to move towards social entrepreneurship and be able to combine socially responsible activities with its business targets. 

As first step, Globe is exploring a partnership with Gawad Kalinga (GK), a poverty-alleviation and nation-building movement currently working on creating wealth by providing world-class products and services through the help of private and public individuals and organizations.  

Globe President Ernest L. Cu met with GK Founder Tony Meloto at the GK Enchanted Farm in Brgy. Encanto, Angat, Bulacan which showcases the GK social entrepreneurship efforts.  Once idle and unproductive, the 14-hectare area is being transformed into a landscape that will sustain communities for generations to come. 

Globe is looking at how its business would fit into GK Enchanted Farm which follows a template that fuses three different concepts:  a Village University for sustainable community development where classrooms are connected to communities; a Silicon Valley for social entrepreneurship where young entrepreneurs are provided a supportive business ecosystem and an enabling environment to help them launch Filipino brands; and third, a Disneyland for social tourism in which visitors from other parts of the Philippines and abroad can get a first-hand experience of the GK community, and gain insight to the social problems that face millions of Filipinos. 

“Being a leader in mobile technology and innovation, we would like to identify opportunities in which we can use our products and services as well as our entrepreneurial skills to create a venture for social change.  Since GK has already set the tone for social entrepreneurship, we would like to explore the possibility of working with them to develop a community that could face a better future,” said Cu. 

GK works hand-in-hand with GK community residents, partners, and volunteers to develop innovative social and business enterprises that will tap and harness the resources available not only in local GK communities but also in the vast global GK network.

In the process, GK is able to build sustainable business enterprises that commit to either partner with a GK community, employ GK residents, include GK communities in their supply chain, and/or donate at least 10 percent of their net income to GK. - From Globe Telecom