Globe strengthens environmental advocacy thru WWF-Philippines partnership

Globe strengthens environmental advocacy thru WWF-Philippines partnership

Donates P1 M to Philippine Fund for Nature

Globe Telecom further strengthens its environmental advocacy through a partnership with World Wildlife Fund - Philippines, starting with a donation of P1 million to WWF’s Philippine Fund for Nature and a possible collaboration on eco-tourism using Globe GCASH. 

Philippine Fund for Nature is designed to ensure long term growth of the WWF-Philippines wide range of projects directed towards preserving the country’s natural resources.  WWF Philippines aims to establish a special endowment fund of P200 million for PFN. 

“The major gift will not only help secure the financial sustainability of the organization but will also enable us to sustain in the long run our key projects which help conserve our biodiversity and help mitigate the impact of human footprint on our environment.  More importantly, it will help assure that future generations will enjoy a living planet,” said Vicente S. Perez, WWF-Philippine Chairman in his letter to Globe President and CEO Ernest L. Cu. 

The financial support is just the beginning of a partnership between Globe and WWF – Philippines. Aside from the P1 M donation, Globe through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm Globe Bridging Communities (BridgeCom) is closely working with WWF in developing GCASH Ecoturismo (GCASH for nature), a program that will harness the use of GCASH electronic cash transfer service for the promotion and facilitation of ecotourism-related customer spending in key local conservation and ecotourism sites. 

“Globe is fully aware that the effects of climate change can impact our network directly as its implications to society and to the operations and growth of businesses are felt more than ever.  This is why we continue to work hand-in-hand with various environmental organizations like WWF-Philippines in ensuring that we are able to protect our biodiversity.  At the same time, we would like to tap our core services such as GCASH to directly help the community and environment conservation efforts around the Philippines,” said Rob I. Nazal, Head of Globe CSR. 

GCASH Ecoturismo will be a valuable service in pristine but remote sites since it allows travelers to purchase goods and services as well as withdraw funds from participating GCASH outlets in the local communities where there are no Automated Teller Machines or credit card facilities.

According to WWF’s latest Living Planet Report, global biodiversity dropped by 30 percent from 1970 to 2007 while global carbon footprint increased by over 30 percent since 1998.  In the latest United Nations’ World Risk Index, the Philippines ranked third among the most disaster-vulnerable countries worldwide behind Tonga and Vanuatu.

(article from Globe Telecom)