An Hour for Tulong Aral Gets 100% Support from Petron Employees

A new milestone for the company and perhaps a first in Philippine employee volunteerism. 

It started with one simple appeal – to spare at least one hour of salary for the last month of the year to support the company’s Tulong Aral send-a-child to school program.  In the spirit of giving brought about by the Christmas season, every Petron employee from all of the company’s business units in every office and facility throughout the Philippines have shared a portion of their earnings to fuel hope for at least 5,000 Petron scholars. 

Tulong Aral ng Petron has been the company’s flagship program to share the gift of basic education among marginalized children and youth in Metro Manila and Mindanao.  Starting in 2002, the program has been part of the lives of more than 9,000 children, graduating nearly 2,800 scholars from elementary, and sending selected batches to high school. By the start of school year 2012-2013, Petron will provide its top high school graduates – its first batch of Tulong Aral scholars– with scholarships for a college degree or technical/vocational courses. 

At the heart of this program and all other CSR initiatives of Petron are the Petron employees, whose spirit of volunteerism is guided by the tenet of “caring beyond bounds, service beyond duty”. Thus it was no surprise that the employees readily responded when they were asked to share part of the blessings they received throughout the year for Tulong Aral. Further buoyed by the spirit of Christmas, Petron employees registered 100% participation in the campaign.