TeaM Energy Foundation Sponsors Sight for a Child Part II

As part of Phase II of the Sight for a Child program of the Optometric Association of the Philippines (OAP), TeaM Energy Foundation sponsored the vision screening of children in 16 elementary schools of Pagbilao Central District in Pagbilao, Quezon.

The vision Screening was held on November 18–19, 2010 during a Medical and Optical Mission in conjunction with the Tanglaw Aral project of the TeaM Energy Foundation.  It had for its partners the DepEd Pagbilao District, the Pagbilao municipal government, Foundation for Sight, Inc., Dr. Benita M. Soltura, OAP Chairman, National Committee for Sight Preservation, the officers and members of OAP Quezon 1 and 2 and the Pagbilao Teacher-Volunteers.

Some of the medicines were donated by United Laboratories, Inc. while eye drops were donated by Alcon Laboratories Phils., Inc.

There were 230 students undergone medical check-up and were given vitamins and prescribed medicines for treatment.

There were 124 children found to have  visual impairments by teachers who acted as first line screeners after undergoing the workshop on how to measure visual acuity held on October 27.

The children had undergone comprehensive eye examination and cycloplegic refraction to confirm the teacher’s findings and determine the absolute refractive error, namely:  nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. They were given prescription eye glasses with the parents participating in the cost.

There were 11 children found to have pathological eye problems who would need further evaluation, treatment and/or surgery.

TeaM Energy Foundation is presently making arrangements through Foundation for Sight, Inc.   to bring the children to the Eye Center of The Medical City for treatment.