Bhutan Power trains with MMLDC


Recently, the Bhutan Power Corporation went on a five-day workshop and study tour organized by MMLDC. The participants came to the Philippines for a two-day Leadership workshop that tackles on enhancing coordination, communication, and decision-making.  Also, part of the study tour program is to observe Meralco's processes in supplies management and procurement process, which of course included a tour of Meralco facilities and on-site lectures at the Meralco Supplies Management Office, Procurement Office, Warehouse and Storage Facility, and at a supplier’s plant.

To give the participants an overview of Meralco's operations, the study tour began at the Meralco Head Office in Ortigas and moved on to the Philec Plant in Taytay, and the Meralco Warehouse in San Joaquin, Pasig City. In sharing these operational details, Meralco showed the participants the daily challenges it encounters as the Philippines' premiere electric power distribution company.

The two-day workshop that followed had several goals in mind. First, it reiterated the need for the participants accept the leadership challenges to improve individual and organizational performance as a means towards achieving business objectives. It taught them to define the right outcome and how to set expectations by influencing, rather than controlling, their employees. The participants learned to recognize the factors to consider in organizing resources for each activity, and to realize the importance of execution and monitoring in their responsibilities. They relearned the importance of performance rating and giving feedback, and identify the different developmental interventions and recognitions. Lastly, they saw the importance of committing to continual improvements in individual and organizational performance.