Coca Cola Launches LIVE POSITIVELY in the Philippines and Commits New Investment of US$1B to Drive Sustainable Growth

Manila, Sept. 28, 2010 – Coca-Cola Philippines today annouced the launch of “Live Positively”, an ongoing initiative to make a positive difference in the worls by integrating sustainability into all aspects of the company’s business and operations.

“Live Positively is our commitment and call to action to embed sustanability acress our entire value chain as we seek to make a lasting and positive difference in the worls,” said Guillermo Aponte, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines.

Through Live Positively, Coca-Cola Philippines has committed to make a positive impact across 4 core areas – Marketplace, Community, Workplance and Environment – with 7 sustainability pillars within, namely: Beverage Benefits, Active Health Living, Water Stewardship, Sustainable Packaging, Energy Management and Climate Protection, Community and Workplace.

“As we invest an additional US$1B in the Philippines over five years, we’ll be using Live Positively to drive sustainable growth, foster more innovation and create value and make a difference for all our stakeholders well into the future.