TeaM Energy Sponsors Vision Screening of Pagbilao Teachers


By:  Cosette M. Realica, Foundation for Sight, Inc.

In support of the Tanglaw Aral program for its power plants, TeaM Energy sponsored the vision screening of 242 elementary school teachers of 16 schools in Grades I-VI of the Pagbilao District in Quezon.  The activity was in coordination with the DepEd district office  and supported by Municipal Councilor Sheree Palicpic, the Optometric Association of the Philippines (OAP) Quezon Chapters 1 and 2, and Foundation for Sight, Inc.

Simultaneous with the vision screening, the teachers also attended a workshop on the Sight for a Child program of OAP wherein the teachers were taught to perform vision screening on their students by acting as first-line screeners based on a manual and chart provided them.

The teachers were taught to observe their students for signs and symptoms of visual impairment or Errors of Refraction (EOR),   Their names and findings shall be submitted to the DepEd coordinator. 

On November 18-19, 2010, school children found to have visual impairment shall undergo cycloplegic refraction by the optometrists and prescribe subsidized eye glasses accordingly.

The OAP team was composed of chapter officers and members of Quezon 1 and 2.  They performed a comprehensive eye examination/refraction on the teachers using state-of-the-art instruments, i. e. the auto refractometer and ophthalmoscope.

Eye glasses were prescribed and dispensed at mission prices using WHO approved lenses, complete with  frame.

Teachers with pathological eye problems needing further evaluation, treatment and/or surgery were interviewed to determine indigency and Philhealth benefits and referred to the Eye Center of The Medical City through Foundation for Sight, Inc.

To maintain sustainability, the program shall be conducted annually to monitor and follow-up any developments and problems that may arise on the vision of the school children.