The LCF CSR Expo

2018: Innov8 for a Better World

For 2018, the CSR celebration aimed to further enhance the future practice of CSR by focusing on innovations. Business leaders and notable personalities from different industries, coming also from the different parts of the world and the Philippines, were invited to join the conference. The overarching theme “Innov8 for a Better World” covered plenary session topics on CSR innovation in leadership, brand integration and reputation building, employee volunteerism, and community relations. The plenary session speakers also talked about compelling issues on CSR trends and innovations on education, environmental stewardship, and in preparing a global and competitive Philippines.


2017: Disrupting for Social Good

The theme for CSR Expo 2017, “Disrupting for Social Good”, relates to the current state of many countries, not only the Philippines. The world is experiencing the onslaught of the effects of climate change, the reliance on technology and artificial intelligence, utilization increase of social media, and rising global terrorism incidences, which have not only re-shaped the socio-economic landscape, but the political scenario as well. These have also influenced the way leaders are chosen and the way democratic principles are exercised today. The word diversity has been interpreted in many ways.


2016: Co-creating the future through CSR

In year 2016, the LCF is celebrating its 20th year of advocating for the strategic practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). While we celebrate the milestones of LCF as a network of corporate foundations and corporations doing good CSR, we will also take stock of where we are, the impact we have made, and plan for the future direction of CSR in the context of sustaining multi-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development.


2015: Collaborate. Sustain. Revolutionize

On its 14th year, the LCF CSR Expo is once again here to provide avenues to learn, share initiatives and best practices, and engage practitioners in dialogue and meaningful discussions on current trends and challenges on CSR. This year's theme "Collaborate. Sustain. Revolutionize." is about connecting people to more opportunities to work together and sustain efforts of inclusive development in light of the forthcoming transition in Philippine leadership and the challenges of ASEAN integration post 2015.


2014: Commit. Strengthen. Rebuild.

This year marks the 13th annual CSR Expo entitled “Commit. Strengthen. Rebuild.” The theme aims to encourage support to the different CSR initiatives and commitment of the corporate foundations to rebuild and strengthen the Philippines from the difficulties and devastations that struck the country last year. The focus of the discussions will be on governance, building resilient communities and reinforcing public and private partnerships.


2013: Isang Bansa. Isang Bukas. Sabay Sa Pag-unlad

Themed ‘Isang Bansa. Isang Bukas. Sabay sa Pag-unlad’, the two-day LCF CSR Expo aims to refocus efforts in making a genuine impact in contributing to more inclusive economic growth. Through the Expo, LCF is going beyond margins, transforming the lives of marginalized and excluded communities, and commits to bring CSR where it is needed the most


2012 Transforming the Business of Giving Back

LCF held its 11th CSR Expo last July 5 and 6, 2012 with the theme “Transforming the Business of Giving Back.” It marks the closing of its 15th year celebration, with LCF taking a step back to review how corporate social responsibility has evolved over the years to what it is now, what its role has been in supporting that growth, and what the future of corporate social responsibility is.


2011 Taking CSR to New Heights

The League of Corporate Foundations has been instrumental in the development and evolution of CSR practice in the country. LCF marks its 15th year as the beginning of a new era of social responsibility for Philippine business entities, by adopting the theme, ―Taking CSR to New Heights for its 10th CSR Expo.

As its members pledge their strong commitment to making an impact on the communities they serve, the organization vows to blaze the trail toward sustainability.


2010 Synergizing for Change

In the midst of an important election year for our country and as the nation clamours for positive change, LCF also take a look at what role the business sector can play to bring about the change that everyone aspires for. The election of a new set of leaders during the May 2010 election presents an opportunity for the business community to re-affirm its commitment to sustainable development and re-define its relationship with other sectors.

The practice of CSR has advanced significantly in recent years and the private sector has shown its capacity to contribute to addressing pressing problems in society. But if we are to provide real long-term solutions it will be through collective effort between all sectors and a concerted contribution from the private sector. By “Synergizing for Change” LCF hopes to put forward a common agenda and framework for action where each stakeholder can make significant and lasting contributions.


2009 Business Unusual: SOS

Skill. Opportunities. Sustainability

Cultivating Shared Values for Business and Society
Integrating CSR to the Core Business
Business Solutions to Social Problems
Securing the Future of the Filipino Child
Partnership for Peace and Development
Manifesto of Support for Volunteerism and CSR

CSR Expo 2009 carries the title Business Unusual: SOS Skill. Opportunities. Sustainability. as a response to the growing global economic crisis. During these times when the financial crisis striked in all levels of society, the very nature of CSR was being questioned: Can companies still afford to do good?

LCF believes that there is no better opportunity to raise the banner of CSR higher. Because it is at these times that people seek more help. In this case, the response of CSR practicing companies comes in the form of Skills, Opportunities and Sustainability. The difficult business climate requires that they adapt strategies so that CSR becomes an integral part of enhancing brand, managing reputation and strengthening partnership with stakeholders, all aimed at adding to their competitive advantage. In doing so, these companies can effectively bridge the skills of the marginalized sectors of the society-the base of the pyramid- with the many opportunities available for growth and sustained success.


2008 CSR is Everyone’s Business

LCF took its advocacy one step further by raising the level of discussion on CSR through the CSR Conference 2008 with its theme: CSR is Everyone’s Business. In this event, the organization was aimed at engaging the business community in a deeper and more strategic discussion of CSR.

For businesses to survive and prosper in difficult times, there must be continuous assessment of their role in the society. Faced with a myriad of social and environmental challenges, businesses must respond through collective and strategic action. Without sustainable communities, there can be no sustainable economies.

Beyond the social benefits of CSR, this year’s conference also focused on the business case for CSR. For CSR to be truly effective and sustainable it must be part of the way companies do business. CSR is not just one person’s job; it must be ingrained in the company’s business strategy and integrated into the business process. Thus in this year’s expo, LCF engaged various business and professional organizations in advocating CSR. From CEO’s to human resource managers to advertising executives, sessions on how to practice CSR were offered.


2007 Putting CSR to the Test

CSR Expo 2007 was entitled Putting CSR to the Test : Cultivating Shared Values for Business and Society. In this year’s Expo, LCF made a follow up on its gains and renewed its call for more champions for education. One of the most encouraging results had been the establishment of 57-75 campaign which crystallizes their efforts to alleviate poverty through education. At the same time, LCF expanded social agenda to include greater care for the environment. Thus, a CSR roadmap towards environmental sustainability was introduced.

Also, in this Expo, CSR Institute was launched. As LCF’s flagship program, this aims to provide greater understanding of the role of business in society through experience-based knowledge accumulated from the best practices of the League’s members and from the global insights.


2006 Let’s Take CSR to Heart

There is no doubt that CSR works and that doing good really makes good business sense. But corporate social responsibility is also a practice that continues to be defined and refined, an undertaking in constant transition in order to be truly relevant in providing the necessary changes in society. Companies who engage in CSR must be willing to change mindsets and practices, even as they sharpen their focus on the core values by which they anchor their response to the needs of society. In so doing, they are able to make CSR the soul of the company and every member of the organization an embodiment of what the company stands for socially. Thus, the CSR Expo 2006 battlecry “Let’s take CSR to heart!”


2005 Beyond Giving

In 2005, the message of the Expo was that the achievement of corporate goals and the need to contribute to societal well-being are inescapably linked. The key is to integrate CSR in overall business operations, and to elevate doing good so that we do more than being philantrophic.


2004 May Bukas ka, Bata

CSR Expo 2004 took place amidst an environment marked by a prevailing sense of hopelessness and helplessness among the most marginalized sectors of the society. In such an atmosphere, stakeholders are rallying the corporate sector, government and civil society to ensure the future of the Filipino child as a resource in safeguarding and preserving the foundations of an equitable and progressive society.

So in order to ensure the future of a Filipino child, LCF looks at the following: Good programs. Strong Institutions. Effective Leadership. This was the focus of the CSR Expo 2004 as LCF brought together various sectors of society for a three day series of workshops, roundtable discussions, plenary sessions, exhibits and other related activities to discuss, reexamine and redefine its efforts in poverty alleviation.


2003 Kapartner ka!

2002 Doing Well and Doing Good

2001 CSR Week