CSRI - History

The League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) is a membership organization of over 80 operating and grant making corporate foundations and corporations, seeking to provide business solutions to social problems in the Philippines through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  LCF’s primary advocacy is to be the driving force in the formation of a highly committed business sector working effectively with communities and partner institutions toward the attainment of equitable and sustainable development.

One of the major milestones of the LCF is the establishment of the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) in July 2007 as one of its flagship programs.   CSRI as LCF’s capacity development arm, is envisioned to institutionalize learning processes and systematically organize sharing of information, experiences, best practices and lessons learned with the existing CSR practitioners, the academe, students, business entities, both large and small, civil society organizations and the general public.

Consistent with LCF’s vision, CSRI aims to institutionalize the core values of responsible corporate citizenship into the way of doing business, to mold future business leaders who recognize their role in society and to professionalize the practice of CSR.

Towards this end, CSRI is working on two major thrusts: Academic and Professional development.

In academic development, CSR Institute is working for the integration of CSR in the educational curriculum.  Working with various educational and industry associations, CSRI develops CSR syllabus, conduct faculty development trainings and builds up teacher training materials. The model syllabus on ‘Social Responsibility and Good Governance” for business administration students in tertiary level has already been developed and currently being rolled out through faculty development programs. In the near future, CSRI also intends to provide professional consultancy services internship opportunities for students of corporate social responsibility.

For professional development, the CSR Institute conducts specialized seminars/workshops and events targeted to deepen the skills of the existing and would-be CSR practitioners. For these activities, CSRI taps on the wealth of expertise of LCF members and its partners to help them get to learn the rigors of managing social development programs that bring significant impact to the society at large while creating value to the business.

CSR teachings can only be effective if validated with serious and scientific research. Thus, research and publication is the cornerstone of CSRI in advancing the knowledge and practice of CSR to support academic and professional development thrusts. The CSR Institute undertakes topic writing, case writing and special research projects that can be ultimately used as learning materials for everyone interested in corporate social responsibility.