In 1991, The League of Corporate Foundations was initially organized as a sub-sector of the Association of Foundations, a nationwide network of non-government organizations (NGOs) and people’s organizations in the Philippines, after realizing the unique needs and challenges of corporate foundations.

In 1996, the LCF was formally registered as a non-profit association in order to address better the needs of its members and the sustainability of the organizations. Over the next decade the LCF would increase is membership significantly together with the growing interest in corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In 2001, in response to a Presidential Proclamation declaring the 1st week of July as National CSR Week, the LCF started celebrating its annual CSR Expo and Conference. The event brings together the Philippine business community and other sectors to discuss the latest trends, models and practices in CSR and promote a common framework for action in support of sustainable national development.

In 2003, recognizing the call for integration of CSR into the core business operations of companies, LCF amended its by-laws to accept as members corporations who were interested in improving their CSR practice.

In 2007, the LCF established the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) to serve as its research and capacity-building arm. With the aim of professionalizing the practice of CSR in the Philippines, the CSRI conducts research studies, publications, workshops and forums.

Members participate through various events organized by the LCF Secretariat and through committee-led programs and events. The LCF has 6 committees – Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Enterprise Development, Health and Communications. The organization is governed by a 7-person Board of Trustees elected annually by the general membership and managed by the LCF Secretariat, headed by the Executive Director and supported by 6 full-time staff members.