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LCF launch CSR EXPO 2018 – Innov8 for a Better World

Testament to their collaborative commitment to continue elevating the standards of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Philippines, the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF), now on its 22nd year, is holding the 17th CSR Expo and Conference on July 19 - 20, 2018, at the New World Hotel in Makati City.

In a media forum held at the Villar SIPAG Laurel House in Mandaluyong City, business executives, CSR leaders from member corporate foundations and various stakeholders gathered to highlight the importance of innovating on sustainable social programs through new and strengthened collaborations and synergies, and valuing inclusive growth for the benefit of all people.

“Through the years, the CSR Expo and Conference has helped reshape socio-economic and environmental landscapes through best practices shared in this platform. This year, our goal is to look at social responsibility from other perspectives and identify what we can do further to achieve greater impact in transforming more peoples’ lives,” said Roderick De Castro, Chairperson of the LCF Board of Trustees and Executive Director of TeaM Energy Foundation, Inc. during his opening remarks.

The LCF CSR Expo is the biggest annual CSR event in the country and the conference theme for this year is “Innov8 For a Better World” which is targeted to form a community of learners, engage new groups, companies and institutions, and uphold a culture of collaboration and development in discussing and opening new opportunities and possible solutions to unrelenting issues such as poverty, inequality, and climate change.

“This year, we ask ourselves, what can we do better? After talking about disrupting for social good, how could we reinforce our commitment to serve through innovative and groundbreaking initiatives? How could we synergize as one big catalyst for change? How do we consolidate resources, increase partnerships, and enhance capacity? As CSR practitioners, we now go beyond implementing and integrating social development programs, but focus on how and where we can innovate further for a better Philippines,” explained Chito Maniago, Vice Chairperson of the LCF Board of Trustees, Chair of the CSR Expo 2018, and Executive Director of CEMEX Philippines Foundation.

Guests of Honor and speakers were likewise invited in the media forum to provide an overview of the innovations in the CSR spectrum that will be taken up in the upcoming 17th CSR Expo and Conference with topics ranging from CSR leadership, ensuring that social responsibility is embedded in the business strategy, the value of CSR excellence and new collaborations, to reassessing community relations and grassroots development, and innovations in education and environmental stewardship, to name a few.

The guest speakers included Arrnel Casanova, Chief Executive Officer of Aecom Philippines spoke about his thoughts on building resilient cities and Jing Castaneda, News Anchor of ABS-CBN who discussed innovations in Bantay Bata and the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. Matthew George Escobido, Assistant Professor, Department of Analytics, Information, and Operations of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) who tackled innovations in the academe, partnerships and linkages, while Janine Mikaella Chiong, President and Co-Founder of Habi Footwear and Lifestyle tackled innovations in small and medium business enterprises. Rounding up the panel is Harold Clavite, Director-General of Philippine Information Agency who explained the thrusts of PIA in today's advancing communication and social media.

The LCF is a network of corporate foundations and corporations in the country, and remains at the forefront of promoting, enhancing, and synergizing CSR innovations and best practices among its members and the larger business community since 1996. Visit for inquiries and to register online in the 17th CSR Expo and Conference or call the LCF Secretariat at 02 892 9189 or 892 57 53.


Representative CSR leaders discuss the next steps that can be undertaken to continue innovating for inclusive growth and nation-building

The LCF is a network of corporate foundations and corporations in the country that is committed to elevating the standards of CSR to transform and empower more Filipinos’ lives


Fresh and innovative approaches help corporate foundations achieve sustainable growth

With the changing socio-economic climate, the key to sustaining operations would be through constant transformation and advancements. In order to achieve sustainable growth, innovation should be present at the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives allowing traditional projects to be revolutionized and created anew to meet the needs of the changing times. With this framework in mind, the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) launches the theme “Innov8 for a Better World” for its upcoming 17th CSR Expo to be held on July 19-20 at the New World Hotel and the LCF CSR Exhibit slated on July 23-24 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

This year’s CSR Exhibit places emphasis on the importance of collaborative efforts in creating change not only to drive nation-building efforts further, but also to help each sector of the society grow individually. Aside from the numerous exhibitors showcasing innovations on social development featured in Glorietta this year, the general public will likewise witness special modules and sessions led by the committees of LCF during the two-day event.

Aiming for sustainable collaborations

The LCF Education committee has focused their programs this year to shaping the Talaga Elementary School in Rizal and the communities surrounding it. To kick off this project, the Education Committee surveyed schools and assessed them based on population size, number of learners, and level of cooperation of teachers, among others. From there, they introduced videos and other technology-based learning materials to the students, which allowed them to learn current events and keep up with changing technological trends in the country. Apart from the training program, the Education committee is teaching the communities around the school as well. They will be incorporating seminars on financial literacy as well as methods on how parents can coach their children to enable them to make the most of their time and resources.

As education is usually touted to be a serious topic, Edric Calma, Chair of LCF Committee on Education and Operations Director of Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc., said that “We want to make it light, interactive and meaningful this year, making education more enjoyable can spur innovative ideas that will help the society”. With this mindset, the committee is looking forward to holding an engaging quiz show this year at the LCF CSR Exhibit to stimulate audience participation.

Acknowledging that there is indeed power in numbers, the Health Committee is also now re-focusing its efforts towards a unified collaboration among all the members. As part of their advocacy, the committee will stage HipHop 3.0 which includes fun group activities to encourage people to maintain an active lifestyle. This year, as part of the series, they will be teaching ballroom dancing as well. This event which started in 2014, encourages individuals to have a holistic approach in health education and compliance.

The Health Committee is now also at the initial stages of their new program “The First One Thousand Days”- an offshoot of their event during the 2016 expo. On the heels of the sustainable development goals of the Philippine government and the United Nations in line with malnutrition, this initiative would support mothers and babies from conception up to 1,000 days from birth. According to Marievic Mariano, Chair of the LCF Health Committee and Senior Program Officer and Head of Grants and Healthcare Unit of the Metrobank Foundation, Inc., “It addresses the stunting of children. Feeding, in reference to feeding programs done in the past, is not really sustainable because even if you feed them for 6 months, there is no continuity”. This initiative is based on studies that say that if children are given the right kind of nutrition from conception up to 2 years old, there would be lesser chances of stunting and other physical issues or illnesses.

For the Environment Committee, they are working to put together some of the best practices of different companies under their umbrella into one stronger CSR framework. Ronnie Tapnio, Chair of LCF Environment Committee and Executive Director of ICCP Group Foundation, Inc., explained that they are following the theme, “Kalikasan Reimagined: Bagong Hamon sa Nagbabagong Panahon!”. Part of their innovative approaches would include elevating the traditional practice of tree-planting to tree-growing wherein they monitor the survival of the trees. Part of their initiatives to help save the environment would include seminars for kids on waste management as well.

Apart from health, education and environmental stewardship, the LCF also sees the importance of enterprise development for nation-building. According to Gisela Tiongson, Chair of LCF Enterprise Development Committee and Executive Director of Jollibee Group Foundation, “The LCF’s Enterprise Development Committee has been promoting the support of social enterprises as a way to help improve communities”. The committee is offering learning and skills development activities on Marketing and Operations Management. An online catalogue is currently being finalized that will showcase different social enterprises in the country, as well as guide the public on how to make use of their purchasing power to help maintain growth in their community. As part of advancing social enterprises, the Enterprise Development Committee helps nurture entrepreneurs that, in turn, help expand the small-medium enterprises sector in the Philippines.

LCF likewise promotes heritage promotion and conservation through its Arts & Culture Committee. The team has organized various art appreciation and education, cultural preservation and mall exhibitions in the past. These pillars of nation-building - Education, Health, Environment, Enterprise Development, Arts & Culture are all key factors in driving holistic progress in the country. Hence, the LCF committees are positioned to use powerful collaborations to continuously create innovative approaches in making greater positive difference in the lives of Filipinos. The LCF has remained at the forefront of promoting, enhancing, and synergizing CSR innovations and best practices among its members and the larger business community since 1996. Visit for inquiries and to register online in the 17th CSR Expo and Conference or call the LCF Secretariat at 02 892 9189 or 892 5753.

Transformational Leaders Inspire at Social Responsibility Event

"Innov8 for a Better World" is the theme for this year’s CSR Conference and Expo, the country's biggest annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event that brings together diverse perspectives with the goal of generating new opportunities while addressing lingering issues as wide ranging as education for all and climate change. “It's not just brands and corporate systems that need innovating; for businesses to remain relevant now more than ever, they must also create and sustain breakthrough approaches of giving back to the larger community” stresses Chito Maniago, Chairman of this year’s Expo. The conference is a program of the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF), a network of corporate foundations and corporations that promote best practices on social responsibility towards sustained national development.

Leading the roster of speakers that include some of the nation's most accomplished and passionate leaders are Deputy Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations J7 MGen. Rene Glen Paje, Senator Cynthia Villar, Maynilad CEO Ramoncito Fernandez and Nickel Asia Corp. Pres. Gerard Brimo. They will address the topic of revisiting community relations and grassroots development and how companies can foster closer collaboration and synergy with their local stakeholders. WWF Phils. CEO Joel Palma, CEMEX Phils. CEO Ignacio Mijares and Synergos Arab World Regional Director Hisham El Rouby are some of the executives joining the panel on CSR leadership and how CSR should be integrated in any business operation.

The expo will likewise feature other compelling topics like how small actions can make a big difference particularly for start-ups and micro- to medium-enterprises, provincial foundations and personal advocacies. One of the noted speakers is Asec. Felicitas Agoncillo-Reyes, Board of Investments, an advocate of inclusive business models that are both pro-poor and pro-business. Joining her are Phil. Eagle Foundation ED Dennis Salvador and student leader Dara Mae Tuazon, founder of the award-winning Bangketa Eskwela Foundation. From small ripples to big waves, a plenary on Pilipinas and Beyond will witness case studies from BCDA Consultant DJ Bagatsing and Dr. Rob Van Tulder, professor of International Business at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

Another subject that promotes collaboration among stakeholders is the need to reimagine environmental stewardship for these challenging times. Joining this panel is Rene “Butch” Meily, President of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF), Neil Mallari of Philippine Center for Conservation Innovations, and Liza Silerio of SM Supermalls. And to discuss disruptions in Education, this year’s Expo will welcome leaders including Dept. Of Education Usec. Lorna Dino, Unilab Foundation Executive Director Lilibeth Aristorenas, Holy Angel Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Alma Espartinez and Ayala Foundation Pres. Ruel Maranan.

Finally, to complete this year’s eight powerful learning modules, a session on employee volunteerism and empowerment will be led by Jonathan Batangan of Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation, Joey Bermudez of Trureal Group of Companies and Ilene Geronimo of Unionbank. To tackle CSR communication and authenticity, seasoned public relations, marketing and advertising thought leaders including Margot Torres of McDonald’s Philippines, Ron Jabal of PAGEONE Group and Gino Borromeo of McCann World Group Philippines will share ideas and best practices on how to communicate one’s CSR initiatives and inspire others to follow suit.

"Innov8 for a Better World is a multi-disciplinary gathering that creates a community of learners and engages new groups and institutions to come up with fresh, collaborative solutions to various social and environmental contexts”, adds Roderick de Castro, LCF Chairman. The LCF has remained at the forefront of promoting, enhancing, and synergizing CSR innovations and best practices among its members and the larger business community since 1996. Visit for inquiries and to register online in the 17th CSR Expo and Conference or call the LCF Secretariat at 02 892 9189 or 892 5753


Inaugural ASEAN CSR Fellowship concludes in the Philippines

The inaugural ASEAN CSR Fellowship, first launched in January 2017, closes in Manila with a Graduation and Closing Dinner with H.E. Mr. Leo Herrera-Lim, the Chair of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR). This marks the end of a year-long journey for 15 Fellows which saw them successfully completing four modules of the Fellowship, starting with Singapore (January), Jakarta (April), before heading to Yangon (July) and finally Manila (September).

Over the past year, Fellows visited 4 countries and attended a series of on-site discussions, workshops and site visits. The key highlights include:

  • Workshops on: Sustainability reporting; CSR buzzwords and trends; supply chain mapping; strategic partnerships; dilemmas in ethical decision-making; crony-capitalism & responsible public procurement; communicating their CSR strategy, and crafting a public narrative
  • Site visits to: the ASEAN Secretariat; Singapore Parliament; a waste bank supported by Unilever Foundation; a Coca-Cola factory; a garment factory; a hydro-electric power plant; and a farmer’s group supplying to a large F&B chain
  • Closing dinners in Singapore with Ambassador Ong Keng Yong (former ASEAN Secretary General), in Indonesia with Mr. Rafendi Djamin (former representative of Indonesia to AICHR), in Myanmar with Ms. Khine Khine Nwe (Joint Secretary-General, Union of Myanmar Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry), and in Manila with H.E. Leo Herrera-Lim (Chair of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights)

From left: Visit to Coca-Cola factory in Yangon, workshop on business integrity at the National University of Singapore, sharing of ideas at the closing dinner in Singapore

Fellows also completed a Capstone Project, either as individuals or in groups, as a tangible outcome of the Fellowship. These projects are practical, hands-on and have clear measurable outcomes. Key Capstone Projects that have come from the Fellows include: A project on responsible agricultural investments; a project to improve financial inclusion for coffee farmers and an e-platform to educate factory workers in Vietnam about their rights.

We are also pleased to announce that an Alumni Network of CSR Fellows has been set up. An executive committee has been formed with the aims of ensuring that the sharing process on CSR practices continues. The Fellows have also set up a peer sharing e-platform for past and future Fellows to maintain constant contact, continue discussions and receive updates on CSR. Fellows will also continue engagement through informal/formal meetups. The opportunities are there for this Alumni to grow and become a supportive leaders group in CSR, to transform the ASEAN landscape into one that recognises not just profits, but also people and the planet.

The Fellowship will continue in 2018. Applications are currently open till Dec. 1, 2017. In 2018, the programme will take place in Vietnam, Myanmar, and either Singapore or Malaysia. Information on eligibility and the application process can be found at:


About the ASEAN CSR Fellowship

The Fellowship seeks to build up the next generation of ambassadors for responsible business in Southeast Asia, harnessing the potential of the private sector in addressing key regional issues in anti-corruption, environmental degradation and human rights. The Fellowship is part of ACN’s ongoing efforts to help practitioners re-define CSR, away from its misconception that it is just corporate philanthropy and volunteerism, towards the business responsibility to look beyond their bottom line and consider the social and environmental implications of their activities. It is in line with ACN’s mission to promote and enable responsible business conduct in ASEAN to achieve sustainable, equitable and inclusive social, environmental and economic development. The Fellowship is organised with support from the Government of Sweden, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKFCO) and the National Youth Council of Singapore (NYC).

Class of 2017 – ASEAN CSR Fellowship:

  • Aji Paramartha - Senior Manager, People Performance & Culture, KPMG Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Dini Triyuni - Senior Grant Officer, WWF Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Selvaraj A/L V Ramasamy - Diplomatic & Administrative Officer (Principal Assistant Secretary), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Malaysia)
  • Lydia Ang - Senior Manager, Group Communications & CSR, Capitaland (Singapore)
  • Michelle Ong - Program Coordinator, MetroBank Foundation (Philippines)
  • Nguyen Dung Tien - Enterprise Advisor, ILO-IFC Joint Programme on Better Work (Vietnam)
  • Nguyen Thi Bich Hien - Project Manager, Ha Long-Cat Ba Alliance Initiative, International Union for Conservation of Nature (Vietnam)
  • Philaiphone Vongpraseuth - Managing Director, Phousy Group Sole (Laos)
  • Pidor Chhay - Business Integrity Senior Programme Officer, Transparency International (Cambodia)
  • Quek Shiyun - Assistant Director, Corporate Giving & Lead, National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (Singapore)
  • Sambath Bun - Assistant to CEO, G Gear Company (Cambodia)
  • Sanva Saephan - General Manager, Business Development, KP Lao (Laos)
  • Vanida Khouangvichit - Private Sector Engagement, Village Focus International (Laos)
  • Vo Ly Hoai Vinh - Sustainability Officer, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam (Vietnam)
  • Zin Mar Lwin - International Finance Manager, Norwegian People's Aids (Myanmar)

For media enquiries, please contact:

Braema Mathi
Director of Advocacy, Research and Communications

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
DID: +65 6813 9632

Melissa Chong
Programme Manager
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
DID: +65 9737 9520

About the ASEAN CSR Network (ACN)

ACN is an ASEAN Entity acting as the regional network of CSR networks in ASEAN Member States. It was formed in December 2010 with the vision to have “a responsible business community that makes ASEAN a better place to live for all”. Its mandate is to have corporate social responsibility (CSR) incorporated in the corporate agenda and contribute towards sustainable socio-economic development in ASEAN Member States. The ACN provides a platform for networking and cooperation, supports capacity-building and training activities, helps catalyse collective action on key issues, and provides a link with regional and international bodies in supporting the advancement of CSR in the region. It is accredited as an ASEAN entity under Annex 2 of the ASEAN Charter.

For more information, please visit

About the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF)

The League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) is a network of almost 100 corporate foundations and corporations in the Philippines. The League has continued to be at the forefront of promoting and enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice among its members and the larger business community since its formation in 1991. In 2016, the LCF celebrated its 20th year as a network in leading the business sectors expanding interest in corporate philanthropy, CSR, and commitment to nation building.

Kapihan Sa LCF

A monthly round table discussion among LCF members to chat about issues, concerns or any topics relevant to CSR practice and beneficial to members.

Last March 17, 2016, LCF-CSRI had a one-hour session on Section 30: Exemption from Tax on Corporation and Other Tax Exemption Updates with our guests from the Legal Division of BIR Revenue Region No. 8 - Makati, Atty. Wilmer Dekit and Atty. Vic Santos. It was attended by 41 participants from 25 LCF member organizations.  This was held at JVR Function Room, AIM Conference Center, Makati City.

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