LCF Enterprise Development Committee holds "Tara, Magbenta Na!"


Budding entrepreneurs from various communities supported by LCF members gathered last 18 October 2012 at the Laurel Mansions to improve their product development skills from industry experts.

The LCF Enterprise Development committee (EntrepCom) held "Tara, Magbenta Na!" (translation "Come on, Let' Sell!") a learning session on product development and merchandiser interaction. The activity is the second stage in a series of business development learning events spearheaded by the committee.

The event opened with a warm welcome from Villar Foundation Executive Director Atty. Rhaegee Tamana, who sponsored the event venue and logistics. EntrepCom Chair Theresa Tumbali (of UCPB-CIIF Foundation) provided an overview of the whole day's program. To inspire the participants, success stories were shared by parol-making and environment-managing communities supported by the Villar Foundation.

The delegates cut their teeth on the many trends, requirements, and best practices provided by speakers invited by the EntrepCom:

  • Trends and Opportunities in Product Development - Mr. Rey Luciano Soliven (Consultant, Product Development & Design Center of the Philippines)
  • Packaging: How Important Is It? - Ms. Ana Maria Veronica Solano (Consultant, Product Development & Design Center of the Philippines)
  • How to be a Supplier - Mr. Steven Cua (President, Philippine Amalgamated Supermarket Association); Ms. Annabel Quiogue (Kultura, Shoemart, Inc.); Ms. Ana Serrano (Asst. Vice President, Supermarket Non-Food Division, Shoemart Inc.); Ms. Leah Lee (Asst. Vice President, Supermarket Fresh Division, Shoemart Inc.)
  • Jocelyn Uy (SM Savemore, Shoemart Inc.)

Cua, Quioge, Serrano, Lee, and Uy answered questions from the audience in an open forum. Most questions concerned the struggles faced by small entrpreneurs in penetrating mainstream merchandisers. 

A product critiquing activity was held to encourage a real-time consultation. The participants brought their merchandise for inspection and advice of the speakers.

Raffled off throughout the day where prize items brought by the EntrepCom members. The day was synthesized by committee vice-chair Ken Reston (of San Miguel Foundation) and was closed by LCF Advisory Council Member Lydia Sarmiento.