LCF Holds First Large-Scale Green Conference


From conference handbooks made from recycled paper to locally-sourced food for the menu, the LCF CSR Expo 2010 is proud to tout itself as the First Large-Scale Green Conference in the country. Carrying the theme “Synergizing for Change”, the July 14-15 expo & conference ensured that every step in preparing for the expo has been made with the environment’s welfare in mind.

Fewer printouts, e-mail correspondences, and time-managed meetings set the “green” tone for the Expo. Exhibitors, sponsors, and delegates were also very much informed of this endeavour. Arrangements such as recycled tarpaulin for delegate bags, serving local coffee and water in paper cups, reusable name tags, freebies and print materials made available only at the booths, and a recyclables fair were among the many efforts LCF made to promote a ship-shape event.

The Green Lifestyles exhibit, produced by the LCF Environment Committee a.k.a. EnviComm, displayed a wealth of knowledge on the latest earth-friendly products, technology and practices: energy-efficient light bulbs, alternative energy sources, carbon footprint calculating, the Toyota Prius, writing materials made from recycled matter, tree species ideal for tree-planting, and locally-made food and merchandise.

The LCF hopes to set an example in large-scale “green event organizing”. Corporate Social Responsibility need not be always about giving away, but doing earth-friendly business may be a good start.