LCF Takes on the Journey to Sustainability


A panel discussion on sustainability during the ninth LCF CSR Expo had development experts and leaders discussing the role of the private sector in the country's social and economic development and how foundations, by itself or collectively, can help in the country’s problems. While shedding light on difficulties foundations face: community perception of programs as dole outs, community's lack of capability to benchmark, and sourcing funds, the speakers also promoted solutions such as: sourcing funds from the corporations’ clients by promoting the foundation’s programs, encouraging gift-givers to donate to favoured foundations instead of receiving the gifts, increasing the role of stakeholders in the program’s operations, and investing in long-term projects by linkages with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and existing projects. During the discussion, members of the armed forces emphasized the key role of the private sector in reducing poverty.  They said that as long as there is poverty, there is fertile ground for insurgency.  The foundations agreed that they should refrain from giving in to blackmail and extortion from the armed groups.

The LCF CSR Expo aims to provide corporate citizens with skills, knowledge, and relevant experience to increase their awareness and empowerment as they work to achieve enhanced goodwill in doing sustainable and relevant business with society. LCF is a network of over 70 operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations seeking to provide business solutions to social and environmental problems in the Philippines.