The Importance of Measuring Social Impact


This Special Interest Session discussed the metrics used to assess stakeholders’ perceptions regarding CSR programs and projects. It also discussed different areas of program management frameworks, leadership, policy formulation, implementation, measuring, and reporting.

Ms. Grace Pedragosa, Philippine Business for Social Progress' Center for Corporate Citizenship Manager, shared that the key elements of a successful corporate citizenship practice involves leadership, policy setting, program development, systems installation, measurement, and reporting. Financial, social, and environmental scores provide benchmarks for the corporate citizenship framework's impact, system, and process.

Mr. Augusto Carpio, Executive Vice President and Managing Trustee of the Aboitiz Foundation, presented their foundation as a business case. A pioneer in corporate social responsibility, the Aboitiz Foundation reiterated its commitment to social responsibility. Through benchmarking, the foundation was able to scientifically review and measure improvements, standardize implementation of its CSR programs, and determine its strengths and weaknesses. Through a scorecard, it was able to identify the factors contributing to its program's success, challenges and opportunities, and the timeframe in which projects can be realistically accomplished.

During the open forum and panel discussion, it was agreed that having clear metrics to measure a program's success is important instead of relying on subjective stories and photos. Statistical analyses measure clearly what and how much a program has contributed to society or the community where the project was implemented.

The LCF CSR Expo aims to provide corporate citizens with skills, knowledge, and relevant experience to increase their awareness and empowerment as they work to achieve enhanced goodwill in doing sustainable and relevant business with society. LCF is a network of over 70 operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations seeking to provide business solutions to social and environmental problems in the Philippines.