Successful Collaborations at the LCF CSR EXPO 2010


PPP20copyInternational donor agencies and partners showcased model programs for collaboration at the LCF CSR EXPO plenary session on Public-Private Partnerships. 

Bill Reese, President and CEO of International Youth Foundation (IYF) spoke on the importance of measuring a program’s success through clear metrics. Education and Livelihood Skills Alliance (ELSA) is a program of IYF that aims to produce  healthy, well-rounded, intelligent, and civic-engaged adults. One of the success criteria of the project is whether the youth went back to school or found work. He also noted that no matter how difficult and slow, alliances and partnerships can become, these collaborations are not always about money, but should always be about development.

Brother Armin Luistro, Secretary of the Department of Education presented a situationer on Philippine education, and gave the audience an understanding as to where foundations can intervene as well as how they can help the current administration's goal in terms of providing quality education to the Filipino child.

The panel also discussed how the private sector will benefit from developing infrastructure programs and working with national agencies as well as understanding social problems that affect a major percentage of the population. Solutions must be aligned with the companies businesses to tap available resources and achieve sustainability. To have impact, programs should also benefit a significant number of people. Partners must agree on how to address the problem and share resources and responsibilities. The government's measures to cut corruption were also presented and stakeholders were encouraged to be vigilant in its implementation. The country does not lack talent, but in order for partnerships to work, everyone must be engaged.


The LCF CSR Expo aims to provide corporate citizens with skills, knowledge, and relevant experience to increase their awareness and empowerment as they work to achieve enhanced goodwill in doing sustainable and relevant business with society. LCF is a network of over 70 operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations seeking to provide business solutions to social and environmental problems in the Philippines.