Giving More than 50 Years of Joy

Company Creates Delicious Moments of Joy with Adopted School

In July 31, 1963, a legacy of joy began; one that would bring deliciousness and daily moments of joy for millions of Filipinos. This legacy is none other than that of Kraft Foods Philippines; maker of delicious products loved by generations. This year marks 50 years of that legacy; made more delicious by its contributions to bringing joy through quality education. 

Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP) is part of the newly-reimagined Mondelēz International family of companies and will change its name this year to reflect the name of the new global company. Its 5-Year Adopt-a-School program began in 2011 and is now on its 2nd year. In that time, it has continuously helped adopted Sampaloc Site II Elementary School in Parañaque achieve quality education for its 2,900 students. 

This is through interventions supported by KFP for nutrition and teacher training. As the programs for these areas will show, KFP aims to do not only what is right, but also what can bring joy. True to its new dream as part of Mondelēz International, the Company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) is also aimed at creating delicious moments of joy for others. 

Gifts for more than the Holidays. The usual gifts are those which bring momentary happiness; and then there are gifts that make a lasting impression. During last year’s holiday season, KFP imparted lasting gifts to the students, teachers and parents of its adopted school. 

The Company began bringing joy by facilitating valuable training for the teachers. Held for the Math, English and Science educators of the school, the training sessions were conducted in partnership with the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED). “Education is important because it is what develops us and equips us to face challenges,” shares ACED’s Carmela Oracion, Executive Director. “The education our schools provide must be relevant to the times. Further education and training for our teachers can help them perform better in their mission of shaping young minds year after year.” 

Grade 4 teacher Arlene Salise is one of those who participated in the training. As she explains, the training was only for several days but the life lessons she picked up will be useful for much longer. “I truly appreciate the training that KFP shared with us through ACED. I learned a lot of new techniques that will help me engage and excite my students to learn.”

More than a Gift for the School. Last December 5, some 90 employees of KFP trooped to the school to share inspirational gifts with the students and build Christmas trees, which symbolize hope. These gifts included notebooks for all the students inspiring them to be the best they can be, and sports equipment like basketballs, badminton rackets and running timers, which the school previously lacked. These gifts will hopefully encourage the students to continue learning, dreaming and growing. 

More than this, KFP also shared valuable lessons in nutrition for the parents, teachers and students. Through a partnership with the ABS-CBN Foundation, KFP held a nutrition day to encourage all those concerned to make the students’ health top of mind in school and at home. Activities for this day included a half-day nutrition seminar facilitated by Ma. Teresa Quinawayan, Nutritionist and Registered Midwife. Once the participants learned the importance of nutrition and how to ensure the serving of healthy meals, a cooking challenge was held. Parent-student and teacher-student teams prepared dishes together and were awarded for the uniqueness and nutritional value of their meals. 

“Our teachers, parents and students were really excited and happy to be a part of the cooking challenge,” shares the school’s Principal Marita Briones. “In fact they say it has inspired them to be more creative in their preparation of nutritious meals to entice the children to eat more. We are really thankful to KFP for their many programs which not only help our community, but also allow us to experience joy for ourselves.”

More than a program, it is a commitment. As early as its first year, the program has already achieved its goal of transforming the school into one of the top 5 in Parañaque. It became #2 in the City based on the National Achievement Test (NAT). Instead of resting on laurels, the success has in fact inspired KFP to collaborate more to make life at the school even more delicious. 

“We are committed to this program; in fact our employees are regular contributors to its activities. We intend to keep it that way in the future,” explains Sudip Mall, KFP’s General Manager. “Our 50-year heritage shows that we deliver on our promises to bring deliciousness and joy to those we meet. We hope to continue doing the same through our brands, and through our 5-Year Adopt-a-School program.” 

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