Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.: Serving Public Education for 14 Years

Last June 19, Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) celebrated its 14th year anniversary. For 14 years now, KCFI has been supporting public education by providing public schools with access to K Channel.

It was started by Ms. Rina Lopez Bautista in 1999 as the only foundation that has a channel that provides 18 hours of educational shows on cable TV, based on and supplementing the curriculum of Department of Education (DepEd). DepEd made mandatory the viewing and use of K Channel programs in the schools connected to it. In 2009, it renewed its 10-year partnership with DepEd.

Today, K Channel is available to around 2,770 public schools reaching over 3.2 million students. It supports the Day Care and the new K+12 programs of the government. The foundation likewise trains teachers and education leaders to better equip them in their chosen careers. It remains steadfast to its commitment to uplift the Philippine education by also serving as an ally of the government in educating the sectors that have no access to traditional or formal school (i.e. OSY, adult learners) through its OMLALI or the Out-of-School Youth and Mature Learners Alternative Learning Institute.

To meet the demands of the 21st century learning, KCFI continuously improves its services and reinvent its programs. Aside from TV shows, it also has games and other educational online activities that can be accessed anytime via its learning website:

For KCFI, making such a paradigm shift is not that easy, but driven by its commitment to make basic education accessible to all and with the help of its dedicated officers and staff, KCFI is able to hurdle all the challenges for the last 14 years. Truly, KCFI is the embodiment of the 21st century learning by offering free and relevant education through media innovations.

KCFI also gears itself towards helping the government achieve inclusive growth. It understands the challenges that need to be addressed as the government embarks on new initiatives. It has the vision to make all Filipinos globally competitive and be able to lift themselves, their families and their communities.


Over the past years, KCFI has indeed become enormously strong and capacious. As it celebrates its 14th birthday, it looks to the future with full of dreams. In the next years to come, K Channel will be in every learning space reaching more learners not only in the Philippines, but in other parts of the globe as well. And with its future innovations, more learners will learn as learners learn best with K Channel. (Natalie Pardo)