Empowering communities: Trans-Asia’s HELP Earth gains recognition

As validation to its enduring commitment to nation-building, Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. (Trans-Asia) will receive the Social Empowerment Award of Enterprise Asia’s Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) today.

The prestigious awards ceremony recog­nizes businesses in Asia for elevating sustain­able and responsible entrepreneurship while the Social Empowerment Award particularly honors institutions that promote and empower socially- or economically-disadvantaged com­munities and individuals. Winning an award entails esteem and recognition to any organiza­tion and, at the same time, establishes societal confidence and trust on the business.

“Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tagline, ‘Empowering Communities,’ has been the main thrust of our programs and winning this award is a confirmation that the company is living its tagline, and that we are on the right track towards helping communities and making their lives better,” said Dr. Francisco L. Viray, president and chief executive officer of Trans-Asia.

Since the company was established 45 years ago, it has been in the corporate DNA of Trans-Asia to engage its communities and make them part of its day-to-day goals and operations. The corporation believes that CSR is not just a one-time charity activity but a platform where it could push its advocacies to educate and empower its host communities in order to raise their socio-economic status.

“With this mindset, we are able to sustain our business because we have established a symbiotic relationship with our host com­munities. They, too, put the effort to take care of our business and the environment that sur­rounds it,” Dr. Viray said.

Indeed, Trans-Asia’s humble societal efforts have made an impression to many people. The outcomes of its CSR activities are dramatic as the company has gained supporters who have continuously shown and developed earnest concern for the company and its facilities.

Apart from that, Trans-Asia takes pride in its strong culture of volunteerism in the workplace. Through demonstrating the task and responsibility of corporate citizenship among its employees, Trans-Asia has culti­vated a CSR mindset within the four walls of its organization. Its programs are made more sustainable due to the hundreds of employees who are willingly involved in its CSR pro­grams — from planning, down to execution.

One of Trans-Asia’s most valuable CSR programs is Harnessing Energy Literacy for Planet Earth (HELP Earth), a platform where the company could provide educational sup­port by building partnerships with schools, donating student materials, and organizing environmental activities and exhibits through the Juan Matipid project. The HELP Earth Multimedia Corners and Energy in Focus Guidebook also aid the company’s CSR ef­forts in accomplishing its goals of providing educational support to the underprivileged.

According to Dr. Viray, the objective of the HELP Earth education program is for schools “to become more self-reliant, to develop their own initiatives for energy and environment, and to sustain their own advocacies with the help of the foundation built by [the company].”

Besides that, HELP Earth is also committed to support initiatives for the environment es­pecially in areas where it operates. Its frame­work for environmental initiatives is specifi­cally targeted towards reforestation, water conservation, and waste management.

Values are fundamental to any company that wants to attain corporate success. Integrity, patriotism,and professionalism are the top core values which Trans-Asia firmly holds onto over the decades. Having already the subcon­scious of aligning its strategies to the afore­mentioned three, the company inescapably deals with its customers, stakeholders, and business partners in a professional and honest manner. This feat contributes to Trans-Asia’s long-standing sustainability and growth.


“These core values will be useless if not imbibed in our employees. The company en­sures that each and every employee knows the values by heart and lives by these values. As such, the people working for our company know what we stand for and believe in what we stand for,” Dr. Viray added.

The very three values have also played an important role in setting the company apart from its industry competitors. Despite the fact that Trans-Asia is among the smaller players in the country’s energy industry, it tries to distinguish itself by building strong and lasting relationships with its stakeholders.

“Particularly, in our host communities, we implement programs that will benefit them for a long time. We also have tangible moni­toring schemes to ensure that the programs will continue to run and can be improved in the future,” said Dr. Viray. “By imbibing these values, we set Trans-Asia apart as a company that you would like to do business with.”