Cure Philippines Celebrate its 1st Year Anniversary, Admits 501st Patient

On May 1, CURE Philippines (Tebow CURE Hospital) celebrated the one year anniversary of their official launch and ribbon cutting with a Run for a Cause in Davao City. Nearly 1,000 runners supported the successful event to build awareness and raise funds to provide surgeries for children with physical disabilities.

In other exciting news, the hospital also celebrated the admission of its 500th patient during the last week of April. In fact, patient #500 and #501 were 11 year old twin sisters. Janna and her twin sister Jea share a lot of things. They have the same mischievous grin and crazy energy level and they both love to climb on and tease their older brother Jasser. Unfortunately, they also shared a physical problem, severely bowed legs. Mom Juliet noticed the problem when the girls began walking at about a year old, but the high cost of medical treatment kept the family from ever finding help. They were thrilled to find out that CURE could finally help heal Janna and Jea! They have now both received successful surgery and are recovering well.

The Tebow CURE Hospital is based in Davao City and provides life-changing physical and spiritual care to children with disabilities.