Why adopting a community is key to sustainability

Corporate social responsibility as we know it is quickly evolving, and for the better. Companies are intentionally going beyond philanthropy and are moving into sustainable community development. As we enter into what social entrepreneur Wayne Visser calls the Age of Responsibility or CSR 2.0, people are becoming more aware of social issues and are now looking up to organizations with economic capacity to make a real and lasting impact to underprivileged communities. This is the vision of My Dream in a Shoebox.

An educational movement spearheaded by the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and integrated marketing communications firm TeamAsia, My Dream in a Shoebox aims to equip children from impoverished communities with the school supplies needed to pursue their studies. Committed to making a substantive impact, My Dream in a Shoebox believes in the importance of growing with a community and leading them to attainable progress, especially when it comes to equipping the next generation leaders and professionals through education.

In 2013, My Dream in a Shoebox adopted the Payatas Orione Foundation, Inc. (PAOFI) as one of its primary communities. The establishment of PAOFI in the country was inspired by the ideals of St. Luigi Orione who served for the education of the children of the working class throughout his life. Currently, PAOFI selects hardworking indigent students from Quezon City and Lucena City and supports all their educational needs.

Last year, My Dream in a Shoebox gave out school supplies and donated cash for the development of PAOFI’s training facilities. To date, it has provided more than 10,000 shoeboxes and around 500,000 pesos for the education of the children in PAOFI.

“Every year we witness our scholars become inspired to study harder because of the stimulating environment kindled by the school supplies and facilities provided by My Dream in a Shoebox. It is evident that they show their thankfulness by becoming more responsible in all areas of life, especially in regards to their studies,” said Father Martin Mroz, PAOFI Executive Director.

Through the help of My Dream in a Shoebox, PAOFI was able to purchase computers, tables, chairs, fans, and sinks; and repaint and fortify rooms to become safer and more conducive for learning.

“Long-term partnerships allow our scholars to grow firmly. It enables sustainable growth and it allows us to plan the development of our organization ahead of time,” he concluded.

After supporting PAOFI for the past five years, My Dream in a Shoebox remains steadfast in their commitment to partner with the organization in empowering children to pursue their lives’

fullest potential. In the coming years, PAOFI aims to extend their reach by increasing their number of scholars from 590 to 1,000 by 2020. They are also planning to build a three-story tutorial center in Payatas City and a gym in Lucena City.

On the other hand, My Dream in a Shoebox is looking forward to adding to its adopted communities this 2018, especially through its partnership with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. Aside from PAOFI, My Dream in a Shoebox has also been consistently supporting the Ascension of Our Lord Parish in Parañaque, San Pedro Calungsod Parish in Muntinlupa, and the S.O.S Children's Village. It has also reached out to multiple remote communities including the villages of the Mangyan in Occidental Mindoro, Aetas in Pampanga, and Dumagat in Bulacan.

“It is a joy to witness our adopted communities growing with us. This has been our vision since the onset of the campaign, and we are thrilled to equip more next generation leaders in the years to come,” Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, TeamAsia President said.

Visit www.teamasia.com/shoeboxcampaign/ today to know how you can support the education of underprivileged Filipino kids.