CLAFI leads multi-year reforestation and watershed protection project

The Watershed Protection Project will focus reforesting within the Siguil Watershed to help restore and ensure the flow of water to the three (3) major tributaries of the Watershed from the southern side.

Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. (CLAFI), with funding from Sarangani Energy Corporation (SEC), implements a multi-year reforestation and watershed protection project that will reforest 4,200 hectares within the Maasim Watershed. In January 2018, SEC tapped CLAFI, the corporate social responsibility arm of the Alcantara Group, to facilitate the implementation of the project in 10 years.

The project’s approach is forest restoration using indigenous species for biodiversity and ecosystem resiliency focusing in Siguil Watershed. On choosing indigenous species, Mr. Richlie Lyndon Magtulis, Executive Director of CLAFI explained, “Native species can survive against various local pests and diseases. They also have different shapes, structures, and capacities to cope with harsh environmental and human disturbances.”

Planting indigenous species is also an additional source of income for the local farmers. Native species can provide non-timber forest products like resin or essential oils. They can also thrive well in tropical rainforest ecosystems thus producing optimum environmental goods such as water, including services such as carbon storage and soil nutrients that are important to local businesses,” added Mr. Magtulis. CLAFI will also plant agro-forestry species such as Falcata, Calliandra, Arabica and Robusta coffee as an additionl income- generating avenue for the local farmers.

The 10-year project would require 640,000 seedlings annually. “The project has an existing nursery of 120,000 seedlings of Arabica coffee ready to be planted in 75 hectares in the next months. We have also propagated around 180,000 seedlings of various seeds such as other varieties of Arabica Coffee, Falcatta, Caliandra, Mosizi tree, and Tuliptree. “We will continue to source for seedlings in partnership with various non-government organizations to ensure continuous planting in the next 10 years,” said Mr. Magtulis. All these efforts will help restore and ensure the flow of water from three (3) major creeks: Gumehe/Mehe, Alkilan and Salvoyan. These are the major tributaries of the Siguil River from the southern (lower) side.