RHI supports the Balik Baterya Program

Roxas Holdings, Inc. (RHI) on May 30, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and Motolite Marketing Corporation at Roxol Bioenergy Corp. (RBC)

Ms Angeline Bondad, Head of RHI’s CSR, said they are optimistic that the Balik Baterya Program will be implemented successfully across the Group.

In an email message, Ms Bondad said: “Now, all our four plants are in partnership with Motolite and PBSP in the Balik Baterya Program. That is good for the business, we become compliant with Republic Act 6969 (Toxic and Hazardous Waste Act) for properly disposing a hazardous waste, good for our environment of course, and this will help us implement development program for our community.”

Ethanol SBU EVP & COO Luis O. Villa-Abrille welcomed the guests and partners, and lauded the efforts of PBSP and Motolite as he emphasized the importance of proper disposal of batteries that contain lead, which is carcinogenic.

RBC Factory Operations Manager Noli G. Segovia said such an initiative “inspires and motivates the company to contribute more to achieving a sustainable environment for the community”.

PBSP Executive Director Reynaldo Antonio D. Laguda thanked RHI for supporting the Balik Baterya Program and gave a brief background about the initiative, a partnership between Motolite and PBSP, which began in 2006. He said that the main objective of PBSP is to help companies to find ways of doing business and at the same time, doing social and environmental development.

Mr. Laguda shared that the program aimed to provide sustainable solution to the proper disposal of used lead acid batteries (ULABs) whose lead content is identified as hazardous to people and the environment. Motolite buys ULABs at a premium value. The proceeds are then used to fund PBSP programs such as education through the Learning Enhancement Assistance Package (LEAP). Motolite hauled 207 units of batteries on the first launch of the project.

The project has expanded to include environmental and water-related initiatives and activities supporting the Senior High School Program. Partner companies have the option to utilize the funds generated from the program to implemented identified programs in the area of their operations in partnership with the PBSP.

CAC I Admin Head and CSR Officer Ramonito Lastima congratulated all 38 participants from RBC, CACI, San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc. (SCBI), the PBSP and Motolite for the partnership. “Through this kind of endeavor, companies not only protect the environment but also build strong relationships among stakeholders in achieving sustainable social and economic development,” Mr Lastima said.

Also present in the event were PBSP Visayas Manager Ma. Amparo Angela Y. Millan, Motolite Regional Manager Jose Gabo, Motilite CSR officer Connie Deligero, and RHI Environment Head Roselle Recreo.