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K Channel Helps Students Prepare for NAT

To help students and teachers prepare for the annual National Achievement Test (NAT), K Channel has started airing NAT reviewers or shows with topics that are normally asked in the said examination.

NAT is a set of standardized tests addressing the major subjects taught in school. It is yearly administered by Department of Education’s National Educational Testing and Research Center (NETRC). This year, it will be given to Grades 3 and 6 and 4th year high school students to test their knowledge and mastery of level-appropriate Mathematics, Science, Communication Skills, and Araling Panlipunan.

Based on the outcome assessment on K Channel connected schools conducted by the UP Statistical Research Center, K Channel contributes to a 3% increase in NAT scores when viewed and used regularly and effectively. In order to reap its benefits, students and teachers are encouraged to watch K Channel from Monday to Friday at 12:00-12:20pm (Grade 3), 12:20-12:40pm (Grade 6), and 12:40-1:00pm (4th year) and at  4:00-4:20pm (Grade 3), 4:20-4:40pm (Grade 6) and 4:40-5:00pm (4th year). The NAT review on K Channel runs from January to March.

K Channel aims to reach not just NAT takers but all learners nationwide. Donations will help K Channel continuously expand and provide better service to all learners. #

CEMEX brings cheers to typhoon victims
Kids of Funtastic Island patiently wait for their gifts in CEMEX’s gift-giving activity

When asked to bring the most torn slippers in front, a bunch of kids merrily scrambled to give theirs in exchange for a prize on a “Bring Me” game during the CEMEX Christmas Wish Program.

Seeing how gleeful they were, one wouldn’t realize that they were the same kids who rushed for safety with their families when super typhoon Yolanda threatened Funtastic Island in Gibitngilan, Northern Cebu last November.

The typhoon took away properties and knocked down trees. But no matter how strong it was, it still wasn’t able to take away the spirit of Christmas.

After Yolanda, CEMEX's gift-giving program took on a different spin. Aside from its annual visit to centers and communities, CEMEX chose to conduct the event in one of the badly hit areas in Visayas.

Giving. It’s more fun in Funtastic Island.

Last month, a group of CEMEX H.E.R.O. (Help. Engage. Reach. Out.) volunteers from Makati office and APO and Solid plants set off at 4 o’clock in the morning for a three-hour land trip and half-hour boat ride to the island.

Upon arrival, the group was greeted with smiling and waving children who were either playing on the shore or standing beside a roofless chapel.

The program was held in a small court where gifts and new slippers were spread out. Before the gift-giving, the kids were asked to write their wishes and then a godfather or godmother from CEMEX will grant it.

Not minding the heat, the volunteers distributed more than 200 gifts for the children and 500 grocery packages for their families.

At the peak of the program, the kids were asked to close their eyes and count to 10.

When they opened their eyes, they joyfully cheered when they saw a dancing Jollibee and Hetty, mascots of the famous fast food chain Jollibee, in front of them.

CEMEX H.E.R.O. volunteers during the Kiddie Party for the Funtastic children

“Masaya po kaming nandito para makapagbigay sa mga bata ng kaunting tuwa. Nang tumama si Yolanda sa Visayas, kami rin pong nasa Maynila ay parang tinamaan na rin. Sana’y masiyahan kayo sa aming ipamamahagi [We’re happy to be here to give the kids some cheers. When Yolanda hit Visayas, we in Manila were likely affected as well. We hope that the gifts we’ll be sharing with you will make you happy],” said Erlinda Lizardo, CEMEX corporate communications manager to the children of Funtastic.

Excited and all smiling, the kids embraced their presents and were very giddy to open the bags. After handing over the gifts and meals, the volunteers led each kid to fit a new pair of slippers.

“It is very fulfilling to be part of a team who cares. Never mind the heat or the high waters we need to cross, what’s important is we’re here to deliver their wishes,” said Fernando Enriquez, CEMEX vice president for operations and technology.

Most of the gifts received were brand new clothes, undergarments, toys, and bags. “Daghang salamat po [Thank you very much],” said ten-year old Dexter Pinote when he finally received the green bag with his wish inside.


More cheers in Cebu, Rizal, Makati

Aside from Funtastic Island, another gift-giving program was hosted for the community around the APO Cement Plant. Almost 200 children were invited to share the cheers and presents.

Weeks after, a gift-giving activity was organized for the abused and street children of Bahay Kalinga [Center for Care].

The last charity event visit was held at Virlanie Foundation in Makati, home for abandoned and street children. The H.E.R.O. volunteers played and had a chat with the high-spirited and talented Virlanie kids.


Reaching out to Kinatarcan

The aftermath of typhoon Yolanda turned the once beautiful places into wastelands. When CEMEX Foundation learned that no aid has reached Kinatarcan Island yet, its volunteers from APO conducted an on-site relief mission in the island of Northern Cebu. The community, which has about 1,000 families, is one of the badly affected areas in the province where 90 percent of the houses were destroyed.

But even when they are roofless and homeless for now, the citizens in Kinatarcan Island are not hopeless, saying they will strive to rebuild their lives again.

The kids in Kinatarcan Island help carry gallons of clean water to their homes from the CEMEX relief mission

“In times like this, we are called to help in any way we can. There is no small contribution when you give and help with all your heart. I hope that with these CARE bags and with our continuous relief efforts, we can ease the pain of our brothers and sisters in Visayas,” said Chito Maniago, CEMEX corporate and public affairs director.

Among its efforts, CEMEX also turned over almost 2,000 CARE bags containing canned goods, biscuits, bottles of water, and clothes to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya and GMA Kapuso Foundation. CEMEX, likewise, partnered with the League of Corporate Foundations and Energy Development Corporation in transporting goods to the provinces of Samar and Leyte.

CEMEX H.E.R.O. volunteers turn over relief goods to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya for the victims of typhoon Yolanda


Building together

After the relief comes rehabilitation. CEMEX, through its global 2-to-1 matching donation program, gathered close to 500,000 USD from employee contributions. The Foundation is currently planning a rebuilding project for the people affected by the typhoon.

For the survivors, moving on will be a hard thing to do. The typhoon has scarred them and it will be difficult to restore what was theirs before the calamity. But with the constant support of their families, friends, and even strangers who try to help as much as they can, the survivors will eventually carry on.

As for the children, they will soon have a roof above their heads again to shelter them from heat, rain or any other harm.


CEMEX Philippines is the manufacturer of the only eco-labeled cement brands in the country including Island Portland Cement, Palitada King, Rizal Portland Super, Rizal Masonry Cement, APO Portland Premium, APO Portland Cement, APO Masonry Cement, and APO Pozzolan. For more information, please log on to For partnerships, please contact the Public Affairs Unit and email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Achieving CSR excellence

MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Chito Maniago, CEMEX Philippines director for corporate communications and public affairs, was recognized as a CSR Leader by the World Marketing Summit, a Philip Kotler Initiaive for a Better World


CEMEX Philippines Director for Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Chito Maniago was recently given the CSR Excellence and Leadership Recognition Award during the latest World Marketing Summit Malaysia - A Philip Kotler Initiative for a Better World, held at the Putrajaya International Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur. The international distinction is given by the summit leaders together with the World CSR Day Committee and in cooperation with CMO Asia and the World Education Congress organizers.

The CSR Leadership Award honors individuals that carry out noteworthy corporate social responsibility campaigns in their respective areas. The award acknowledges people who made significant contributions to their communities and whose track records of performances and achievements are exceptional.

Maniago, also the Executive Director of CEMEX Philippines Foundation, leads the organization’s CSR initiatives under the umbrella sustainability program ‘Build the Nation Together’. CEMEX Foundation focuses on various key synergy areas including education, environment, health and safety, skills and livelihood, community development, and sustainability partnerships among others. He also kicked off the company's employee volunteerism program called H.E.R.O. (Help. Engage. Reach. Out.) that became a venue for employees to share their time and effort with various community causes.


CEMEX Philippines is the manufacturer of the only eco-labeled cement brands in the country including Island Portland Cement, Palitada King, Rizal Portland Super, Rizal Masonry Cement, APO Portland Premium, APO Portland Cement, APO Masonry Cement, and APO Pozzolan. For more information, please log on to For partnerships, please contact the Public Affairs Unit and email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

CEMEX joins ASEAN forum on responsible business

The definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is continuously evolving. Before, it was merely considered as philanthropy or dole outs, but now, it has become more inclusive and strategic and goes into social investments where an organization does not only give assistance in general but also delivers programs that directly affect its industry, community, and key stakeholders.

CEMEX Philippines, represented by Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Director Chito Maniago, recently participated in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Forum for Responsible Business Conduct in Jakarta, Indonesia. Maniago was likewise the representative of the League of Corporate Foundations of the Philippines.

Maniago during the ASEAN Responsible Business Conduct forum

The forum brought together close to three hundred leaders in the Southeast Asian region to share and discuss CSR as a catalyst for achieving sustainable communities by 2015.

The importance of a common standard in CSR was highlighted in the discussions. This standard is used to identify how a program can create a lasting impact. There was also a call to strengthen multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation among the CSR delegates.

The forum was participated by leaders and representatives from CSR and corporate networks, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the academe. It was organized by the ASEAN CSR Network (ACN), with funding from the ASEAN Foundation and Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund (JASF).

The event was graced by H.E. Le Luong Minh, ASEAN secretary general and the roster of speakers included Rafendi Djamin, Indonesian representative for ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights; John Arnold, founder of Indonesia Business Links; and Vinh Nguyen, director for Sustainable Development, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Masinloc Training Facility Recognized during the AMCHAM CSR Excellence Awards

(L-R) Atty. Raul Academia PFMTC Inc. Director for Trade and Regulatory (Livelihood Category finalist), Ms. Raissa Bautista -Chevron Philippines Inc. Manager for Policy and  Gov't. (Livelihood Category finalist) and Public Affairs, Mr. Rhicke Jennings - AmCham President, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, a. i., Mr. Brian Goldbeck, AmCham Foundation President Mr. Edwin Feist, Ms. Kim De Leon AES Philippines Corporate Affairs Head and Ms. Cynthia Pantonal AES Philippines Foundation Executive Director (Livelihood Category Winner).

AES Philippines bagged the CSR for Excellence Award for Sustainable Livelihood during 4th CSR for Excellence Award ceremony given by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.  The event was held on November 16, 2013 at the American Chamber of Commerce Thanksgiving Ball held at the New World Hotel in Makati City.

The said CSR for Excellence Award  is given to honor programs and projects that upgrade the standard of living of disadvantaged communities and/or sectors through creative livelihood projects or promoting entrepreneurship.  The programs recognized are generally projects that increase the opportunities available for underprivileged sectors.

Our Masinloc Training Facility (MTF) bested the livelihood programs of Chevron Philippines, Inc. and the Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Company (PMFTC).  The MTF was given the distinction because of the impact of the program to its beneficiaries.  By far, the MTF has accommodated more than 200 enrollees since it started. It has produced more than 50 welders with 88% of the graduates being hired after graduation -- 76% of the graduates are hired by companies in the Subic and Bataan area while 6% are hired by AES Philippines and the other 6% got jobs overseas.

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) is a private, independent and non-profit association primarily serves the interests of U.S. businesses in the country while contributing to the civic economic development of the Philippines.

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